Community Lunch

From Tuesday to Saturday the community is gathering at the communal house to enjoy time together and have a delicious organic lunch. Of course, because some members of the community are working outside the villa, not everyone is present all the time, but we are always welcoming anyone that wants to join us even if just once or twice per week.
Mealtime is really important for us because we have the opportunity to seat together, talk, share our aims for the future, and all the concerns in our hearts. Besides that, we share recipes, knowledge about the food gardens, and many funny moments, because the nourishment of the soul is for us as important as the nourishment of the body.
The lunch is normally prepared by two of the volunteers and is always so great to enjoy different culinary approaches and flavors from different cultures, even if sometimes it gets a little challenging with all the diets from the villagers; gluten-free, vegan, meat-eaters, food allergies, etc., we always do our best to nourish everyone’s necessities and diet choices.
We always support Finnish producers, just use organic ingredients, and since 2020 Spring, we are so proud to be using salads, root vegetables, herbs, peas, and beans, from our permaculture gardens. It feels our hearts with joy and we are looking forward to the next season of seeding and harvesting.

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