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The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people (from 18 to 30 years old) to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. The ESC funding covers accommodation, food, insurance, pocket money, and most of the traveling costs.


Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys ry has offered volunteering opportunities as a host organisation since 2013. We have had a total of 50 ESC/EVS-volunteers from 10 countries. Our next project, now part of the ESC program, lasts eight months and starts in the middle of March in 2021. It is named SUSTAINABILITY RULES! If you are interested in joining, please contact us! We are now looking for candidates from EU countries. Email your CV and motivation letter to address: kurkiecovillage(at)gmail.com

The volunteers work for the project around 30-38 hours per week from Tuesday to Saturday, and they will get 2 days of vacation per month in addition to free weekends. The volunteers will receive a pocket money of 150 euros per month in addition to accommodation, food, work related traveling and other necessities.

Job description
We offer an opportunity to learn by doing and living in our community together with different people. Volunteers will gain new experiences by participating in the everyday chores of our village, from cooking, to maintenance of ecological buildings and participating in different events.

The main task is the seasonal nature work in which the volunteers will learn the year cycle of nature, what nature offers seasonally and know how to use them fresh and processed.

The volunteers are also the responsible of cooking healthy ecological lunches for the whole community (from 10 to 40 people) using seasonal ingredients and the product collected and conserved. During summer they prepare a cafeteria with a lot of delicious food and beverage.

We also cooperate with Vesilahti actors, for example schools, youth club and health care center.

Our volunteers will also help organize events like seasonal temathic fairs concerning sustainability and countryside life.

Living conditions
The volunteers will be living together in their own ecological building. The immediate surrounding area is the peaceful countryside of Vesilahti, a nice small municipality of roughly 4500 residents, 35 kilometers from the third biggest city of Finland, Tampere. Kurki ecovillage has strong connections with Tampere, most of our residents are employed within the city. You can research the surrounding area through google maps here.

Public transport between Vesilahti and Tampere is solid and the volunteers can easily reach the city.


We work at the supporting organization and we send regularly volunteers to abroad to different kind of projects. This far we have cooperated with Ängsbacka Course and Festival center in Sweden and Väike Jalajälg in Estonia.

Sometimes we get cooperation offers from different organizations around Europe. Join our ESC mailing list and we send you offers!

Another option is to look for interested projects related to sustainability by yourself and then contact us when you have found the project.

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