Happenings and trainings

We are organizing different CLIPS trainings at our ecovillage and outside settings. We are planning following happenings (the corona virus might affect to the plans):

Community development happening - 3 days

The community specialists from Europe are leading this community development happening in the autumn 2020. The target group is active citizens involved in community-led sustainable projects, especially start-ups. Generally, the participation is open to everyone in this target group who could need guidance.

The happening starts with an introduction. The Incubator Framework is introduced, CLIPS methods and the board game presented to the participants. During the days groups practice the CLIPS methods and tools and plays the community board game.

Happening is actualizing from Friday morning to Sunday evening. Participating to the happening can be utilized as a part of accreditation.

CLIPS Training of Trainers - 3 days

The community specialists from Europe are leading this community development happening in the autumn 2020.

The Training of Trainers takes a hands-on practical approach, interspersed with “how-to” input and information from the experienced facilitators. The “CLIPS Method Toolkit” is presented more deeply and several of the methods practiced to get to know them in depth, being able to facilitate them. The participants try out the facilitation of the methods working in smaller groups according to numbers needed for each method. Theory input on how to best use each methods as well as limitations is provided to complement the practical experience. At the end of the training, the participants will have a good working knowledge of the methods.

The board game is presented and explained, and the trainers play trial rounds to get first-hand experience. The different uses and variations are introduced and discussed.
Shortly, the CLIPS ICT platform is presented and its potential to support learning and teaching with CLIPS.

The participating trainers
- learn to facilitate the methods from the CLIPS method toolkit
- gain a good understanding of benefits and limitations of each methods, and its best use
- acquire an in-depth knowledge of the didactic board game on group processes, including variations and use as assessment tool
- get to know the CLIPS ICT platform as a valuable resource to support CLIPS trainings
- will gain awareness of the use fo storytelling/video in facilitation.

It’s required to participate in the community development happening prior to this training. Training will be from Monday to Wednesday. Taking part in this training is part of the accreditation process of the trainer (https://clips.gen-europe.org/accreditation/).

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